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The Phantom of JHB's Sculpture #LivingArchive is an interactive art project that makes use of a Leap Motion controller to enable the viewer to navigate a 3 dimensional object in a virtual holographic environment. The first implementation of this was a project to remake a missing sculpture from British artist, Julian Henry Beck (hence the title, The Phantom of JHB's Sculpture). The viewer stands in front of a box that projects the 3D object to appear in space, using the Pepper's Ghost technique. The Leap Motion was connected to an Arduino and the projection powered by a Macbook Pro and small LED Projector. The key element to this project was the user interaction, which created a playful narrative experience, that empowered them as a maker of the sculpture. It has the feel of a game but this is an artistic endeavor.

The Phantom of JHB was presented as an interactive art installation in October in Birmingham (UK) at BOM (Birmingham Open Media). In addition to the artist, Giada Totaro, there were three collaborators to develop the 3D, the box and the Leap Motion Interaction (developed using Pure Data). This collaboration was part of Maker Monday (makermondaybrum.tumblr.com), a monthly open innovation event that brings creative and technologists together. However, that's not the end of it. Giada will now both develop the concept further and open source the code to allow other artists to implement their own projects.


JHB exhibition: https://vimeo.com/145087756

Interaction design: https://vimeo.com/145091934

info e foto gallery



Install instructions


MacBook Pro

Arduino + Ultrasound sensor HC-SR04

Leap Motion

Pepper's Ghost


- Processing (+ Leap Motion library)

- Arduino

- Pure Data Extended


1) Connect Leap Motion controller

2) Connect Arduino + Ultrasound sensor HC-SR04

3) Unzip FINAL folder and copy it on your Desktop

4) Open FINAL folder

5) Open pd folder/ Main Patch

6) Open leap folder/fingersPosition

7) In Main Patch click Full screen

8) Move in front of Ultrasound sensor (distance from 0 to 4)

9) Play with the Leap!

Enjoy! :)


FINAL.zip 39 MB

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